"The American Cancer Society Relay for Life represents the hope that those lost to cancer will never be forgotten, that those who face cancer will be supported, and that one day cancer will be eliminated"!

Monday, May 11, 2015


This year, in 2015 it will be our 6th year as a team in the Relay for Life of Cache Valley event. We are very pleased with the life changing experiences this even has brought all of our team members! we welcome you to our page and thank you for helping us succeed as a team. we have a few fundraisers coming up that we would like you to come participate in! 

*our Annual Silent auction May 25th-May 31. If you would like to donate something call Shayna at 435-232-6695 or if you just want to win some amazing items thats great too! visit back here on the starting date!

*We will be having a garage sale at Carol Hawkes' house on May 31st starting at 7am. if you have stuff you would like to donate, again get a hold of Shayna or just come and see if we have anything you need! there should also be baked goods! always a bonus!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Auction Location

Auction Time! It starts RIGHT NOW!!
There are 2 ways to get to the auction either click this link & go to http://fishfightrelay.blogspot.com/ or click on the AUCTION tab at the top of the blog and it will take you to it. 
*read all the Auction Rules before bidding please. thanks
*remember if you have questions contact Shayna Larson
larson.bs@gmail.com or 435-232-6695

Monday, May 20, 2013


hello everyone. our auction is going to be great! we got alot of donations and things to auction off! make sure to go through all of them! there are LOTS of items! The items will be posted May 28th. The day after memorial day! This is a great cause and all the money goes to Relay For Life- American Cancer Society! we appreciate your interest. and hope you come back when its up and running! but you are in the right place! :)

Thursday, April 4, 2013


We have a few fundraisers coming up in the next few months! The first one is our annual 5k Run / 1 Mile Walk !
Get signed up online!  fishfight5k.regtix.com
Or Call/Text Stacey 435-770-8608 or Shayna 435-232-6695

This year we have A LOT of giveaways and we have a DJ for entertaiment and music! We are working on a new time tracking system but will have information later on that one. Get registered today! If you mention you saw this post we can give you a $5 discount if you register BEFORE May 1st! (Must call in to Stacey and payment must be receieved before May 1st!)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Relay 2013. beginning again!

This is Team Fish Fight's 4th year to Relay. In the beginning the team was started in memory of William Riggs who lost his battle with cancer in April 2010. The second year we decided that we would relay in memory of all loved ones who have lost OR survived their battle with cancer. This year we are continuing to honor all who have battled cancer. Please share this event and get others involved so they can know why we love it so much!

Team Fish Fight requests your assistance by participating, spreading the word or by making a donation. As a team we are trying to raise $$$$ in memory of those loved ones and friends our team and others have lost to cancer. Our sponsors/donators will be listed on the back of our team shirts. To have your logo on our shirt we require a $100 donation (check or item).  All names will be listed on our shirt regardless of the donation amount. We are hosting the 3rd annual 5k run (date, time and place to be determined but we are looking into May 18th-just have to ok it with North Logan) AND we will have our 4th annual silent auction may 28th- June 1st!!!!!

We are making a difference by teaming up to participate in the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life.

At the event, our team will camp out overnight and take turns walking around the track to raise money and awareness to help the American Cancer Society create a world with less cancer and more birthdays.

Saving lives from cancer starts one team, one participant, and one dollar at a time. Our team is doing our part to make sure that cancer never steals another year of anyone's life. 

Please join our team or make a donation. The impact we can make together is much greater than what any of us could do alone!

This year is going to be great! Relay is already beginning... with meetings, and we had the Annual Kick-off Event Dancing with the Relay Stars in January! let us know how we can help you!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Relay 2012 was so great this year.  Our team Fish Fight raised about $14,700 and that was way beyond anything expected!  I (Beth) was lucky enough to be the captain of this awesome team!  I wasn't alone though, in my eyes there were many leaders! Everyone did a great job from the kids selling items at camp; to Grandma Ruby making a quilt and all of her beautiful handmade items (quilt won by Lynette Pitcher); to everyone getting auction items; to Stacey getting well over a thousand dollars in sponsors and items and also hosting the 2nd annual 5K run/1 mi. walk while she was also the Publicity Committee Chair; to Carol who added fun and successful fund raisers AND got her employer to sponsor the event AND match employee donations...HUGE; to all the kids and grandkids for spending many hours at the camp; to the walkers in the middle of the night; to my brother Fred who raised thousands in his name from Florida and also donated to many on the team (Fred walked 24 miles in Florida - coinciding with our walk); to all of our great sponsors, every donation counts from $'s, to great auction items, to the elliptical donated by Icon/NordicTrack (thanks Josh!); to my sister who raised money from Ohio and flies out (3rd year) to walk; every member contributed in one way or another!  To see all of our family and friends participate at the Relay in their dark pink Fish Fight shirts was great (you couldn't miss us and all our men looked fantastic in PINK!:) Little Taylie, Beck and Collin looked pretty cute in the baby versions! A big thanks to all for coming in the hot humid weather and staying and protecting our camp through the wind and rain!

Carol and Vince

 Vince & Miss Cache Valley

Caregivers waiting for Survivors

We had SEVEN Grand Club members (people raising $1000 or more!).  We had 2 team members in the top 3; Fred had $3255 and Carol had $1803.  The other Grand Club members were Ruby, Stacey, Judy, Dennis and myself.

Stacey & Beth receiving "red shirts"

Survivors carrying Vince

Normally my favorite part of Relay in the past has been the Survivor Program or the Luminaria Program.  Although, these two programs were both special again, my favorite memory from this year will be of Vicente Forero.  This guy is one special person.  Vince works with Carol at Inovar and they were both on their company's charity donation committee.  A few days before Relay, Vince declared that he was going to try and walk the full 24!!  He was such an inspiration to all..he truly carried us through the night.  He wouldn't even stop to eat but carried his plate as he walked.  Saturday morning someone alerted the announcer about Vince and it was announced to the crowd that Vince was walking 24 hours! How cool to hear each camp cheer as Vince walked by the remainder of the day. When he was coming to the last lap before Closing Ceremonies, he sat down to put on his shoes. He was periodically taking off his shoes to walk on the wet grass and cool his feet off. He had been limping pretty bad. But he said he was going out in style!  So he jumped up and started jogging! Cade and Bean started out with him and as he passed each camp they cheered and he would pick up a few followers from each. By the time they were approaching the stage, he had quite a crowd with him.

Then he was acknowledged at the closing ceremonies with a kiss from Miss Cache Valley, a Relayopoly Game and a ride around the track (last lap) in the firemen's basket.  As Vince had carried us, now we would return the favor by carrying him. The Fireman started carrying him and he was passed to different groups along the way, including the Committee, and then the Survivors carried him to close the event.  It was touching and fitting.  I will never forget it as I'm sure most won't, including Vince.  We all made a new friend this weekend, I hope Vince comes back next year, whether he walks 1 hour or 2 or 24, he is always welcome on Team Fish Fight!

Go Team Fish Fight!!  Another successful year, making more birthdays!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The End

Bidding ended at 8:00p.m.
Only bids before 8:00 p.m. counted

Items may be in a different order..sorry about that

Pick up and pay for items by June 10.  Please contact Beth at 760-2096 or email bethadr@aol.com to arrange for payment and pickup.

Thanks for bidding and supporting the American Cancer Society!!

Make all checks to American Cancer Society.  If you aren't paying by check, please have correct amount!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Auction Directions

Auction is Over
How To Bid On Auction Items
(We have 139 items so be sure to scroll thru all of them!)
Click on comments under the 
item you'd like to bid on 

Leave your name, bid amount, a phone number and/or your email address 

Check back often to update your bids
Auction ends Wednesday @ 8pm
All bids must be placed before 8pm to count

If you need us to place a bid for you, or you're having trouble call Beth @ 760-2096 (bethadr@aol.com)
or Jenny @ 764-7227 (jennycmb@live.com)

We will not ship items, winning bidder is responsible for arranging pick up / or shipment of item.

Beaded Watchband Set #5

Winner - Carol $10.00

Donated by Megan Willard
Red, White and Black Watchbands and a Silver Interchangeable Watch Face

Beaded Watchband Set #6

Winner - Shelly $16.00

Donated by Megan Willard
Two Purple Watchbands and a Very Cute Purple Watch Face

Beaded Watchband Set #7

Winner - Ruby Riggs $18.00

Donated by Megan Willard
Silver Black and Teal Beaded Watchbands and Cute Square Face

Beaded Watchband Set #8

Winner - Carol $6.00

Donated by Megan Willard
Brown and Orange Beaded Watchband Sets

Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill

Winner - Jeanine $30.00

3 Cards, each worth a free Entree and Drink
Bid one price for all 3
$30 value

Rage - Haircut With Crystel

Winner - Trisha Jones $6.00

Donated by Crystel
Enjoy a Haircut at the Rage Salon

Metal Headband with Starched Fabric Flower

Winner - Stacey $5.00

Donated by Jenny Bott
Metal headband with handmade starched fabric flower in black and white

Full Auto Detail Kit

Winner - Andy $50.00

Donated by S&B Automotive
$115.00 Value

Willy's Garage
Leather Conditioner, Metal Polish, Fast Wax, Interior Cleaner, Tire & Trim Gel, Car Wash, Protectant, Quick Detailer, Wheel & Rim Cleaner

Gel Glitter Toes - 2 Gift Cards

Winners - Shannon Rhodes $18.00
Tara Callaway $18.00

Donated by BrieAnna Kay
Ea. gift card good for two (2) sets of Glitter Toes. Top 2 bids get the certificates!

Poulsen Trailer Sales - $100

Winner - Alisa $30.00

$100 Gift Certificate

Synergy Soft Tissue Center

Winner - Susan G $10.00

Good for One Exam/Adjustment $165 Value

Owl Hats

Winners - Judy Bucher $10.00 (brown medium)
Nancy $5.00 (medium grey)
Erin Buttars $5.00 (small grey)

Handmade and donated by Ruby Riggs
Cute owl hats!  Bid on Grey or Brown variegated.  Three top bids get hats!  Bid on Grey Small - Grey Medium - or Brown Medium

Sunterra Salon - Pedicure

Winner - Tara Callaway $20.00

Enjoy a relaxing pedicure with 
Denise Johnson at Sunterra Salon

Stampin Up Stamp Set

Winner - Tiffany P $7.00

Donated by Mandy Erickson
Stampin Up Elementary Elegance Set
comes with 2 handmade cards

Transportation Repair Air Condition Service

Winner - Josh Riggs $45.00

Donated by Transportation Repair
Air Conditioning Service
(includes refrigerant)

Baby Blocks - Brown & Green

Winner - Nancy $5.00

Donated by Jenny Bott
Cute for boy or girl, baby blocks in green and brown

Feather Earrings

Winner - Shayna $2.00

Donated by Tiffany Pienezza
Popular feather earrings in bright colors

Jada Chadwick Photography Family Session

Winner - Shelly Harris $90.00

One Family Session for up to 6 people.  
One hour. Copyright disk.

"I love everything about photography especially meeting amazing people.  There isn't a mood, expression or a moment I don't want to capture"

XOXO Wood Letters

Winner - Alisa $12.00

Donated by Jenny Bott
XOXO perfect home decor for Valentines Day!!
X's 9" tall

Allstate Reward Card

Winner - Stacey $16.00

$20 American Express Prepaid Reward Card 
Donated by

Wolford's $100 Certificate

Winner - Charlie $45.00

Car Detail
Wash & Wax

Bluebird Gift Card

Winner - Ruby Riggs $9.00

$10 Gift Card

Three Newsboy Hats

Winner - Jan $5.00 for the Tan & $5 for the Grey

Donated and crocheted by Ruby Riggs
Newsboy hats with button embellishment.  
Bid on Grey, Variegated or Beige.

Girls Mini Carnation Post Earrings - Pastels

Winner - Erin Buttars $3.00

Donated by Tiffany Pienezza
Cute Girls Mini Carnation Post Earrings in Pastel Colors
Value $7


Winner - Steph $18.00

$25 Gift Certificate

NOEL Christmas Blocks

Winner - Nancy $8.00

Donated by Jenny Bott

Noel Blocks - a nice addition to your Christmas decor.

Hand Made Cards - 15

Winner - Tiffany Friedel $16.00

Donated by Mandy Erickson
15 handmade all occasion cards and envelopes

Girl's hats with fabric flower

Winner - Freda $5.00

Donated by Tiffany Pienezza
Cute Little Girl's Hats with BIG flowers!  Bid on Pink Flower or Purple Flower

Cox Honeyland Basket - Value $50

Winner - Susan G $33.00

Basket includes:
White chocolate cranberry popcorn
Rocky road popcorn
raspberry creamed honey
pure honey
4 pack pretzels
chips and salsa
huckleberry honey
1/2lb fudge
honey caramels

Kelly-Moore Paint - 5 Gallons

Winner - Melissa Roberts $50.00

Donated by 

5 Gallons of Kelly-Moore Paint

Elements / Copper Mill

Winner - Shannon Rhodes $47.00

$50 Gift Card 
for either Elements or the Copper Mill.

Tigers Eye Necklace and Earrings

Winner - Cindy Jodray $20.00

Hand Crafted and Donated by Anne Van Gieson
Beautiful Genuine Tigers Eye Necklace and Earrings

Aflac Bank & Texas Roadhouse Card

Winner - Stacey $36.00

Donated by

Aflac Bank and $40 Texas Roadhouse Giftcard

Teal hat with orange flower

No Bids

Handmade and donated by Ruby Riggs
Teal hat with mini-brim and burnt orange flower


Winner - cobodily@yahoo.com $18.00

Made and donated by Jenny Bott
10" High BOO blocks...FUN Halloween decor!

Sunterra Salon - Pedicure

Winner - Beth Riggs $22.00

Enjoy a relaxing pedicure with 
Mindie Berntsen, Sunterra Salon

Blue Baby Cocoon with Hat

No Bids

Handmade and donated by Ruby Riggs
Perfect for Baby Boy. Blue variegated baby cocoon with matching hat
Bidding starts at $15

White Crocheted Afghan and Hat

Winner - Beth $35.00

Handmade and donated by Ruby Riggs

Beautiful crocheted white afghan 35" x 45" and hat.  Good for boy or girl (flower is easily removed from hat).

Bidding starts at $25